August 30, 2008

Kare Anderson, Moving From Me to We

Kare Anderson was so kind to read my Atlanta Mom post and then to take the time to leave a really nice comment. Here's what she wrote:

"Thank you for your bravery in sharing, your making so many people around you a part of your solution so they were 'touched' by the experience and thus may be more aware of others who are facing the same darkness.  I also admire your spotlighting the other mother in Atlanta."

Then Kare added the following:  "Remember the many compartments of the heart, the seed of what is possible.  So much of who we are is defined by the places we hold for each other.  For it is not our ingenuity that sets us apart, but our capacity for love, the possibility our way will be lit by grace.  Our hearts prism, chiseling out the colors of pure light."

How beautiful.  I'll have to find out if it is an original Kare quote or if it came from somewhere else.  How true it is that our capacity for love does truly set us apart.  Love has been on my mind lately, so Kare's timing couldn't have been better...

So I checked out her blog and so appreciate her mission of shedding much-needed light on the ways to successfully engage with others, even in this crazy texting-emailing-facebook-youtube-linkedin-twittering world that we live in.  

Bring it on, Kare.  Great job!


KareAnderson said...

It warms my heart that you found the comment helpful.Because I have a mom + several close friends with asthma, one cause for me is cleaner in-door air, especially at home. I finally found one cost-effective filter that has made a great dif. It is relatively new. I may get your advice about how to get the word out about it.Meanwhile i am going to keep reading your blog. You are offering so much concrete help with your tips and your links.


Anxiety Treatments said...

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