May 6, 2008

Toll-free warm line offers Spanish language PPD support!

Well, I haven't had much luck in my quest to find PPD resources for new, single moms, but I did find this helpful bit of info.....

Postpartum Support International offers Spanish-language support on its toll-free warmline, at 1-800-944-4PPD (press 1 for Spanish).

I think this is an incredibly helpful resource. I do believe that there are many hispanic women suffering not only from PPD, but also from the stigma of PPD, due to cultural and language barriers. I applaud PSI for offering this very important resource!

Andrea Zas Jimenez is the support coordinator for the Spanish Warmline, and Stephanie Morales will be coordinating PSI's national resource list for Spanish-speaking support.

Please help spread the word about this resource for Spanish-speaking new moms who may need PPD information and help.

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