April 19, 2008

Now that I'm a single mom, I wonder what kind of help exists for single moms with PPD

I wasn't single back in the days when I had my babies, and fortunately had a very supportive husband who helped me when I suffered through PPD and later helped me avoid suffering through it again. Now that I'm single and writing this PPD blog, I can only wonder what happens to all of the new single moms out there who are faced with PPD....

I did some searching on the web to find out what resources exist that are geared specifically to single moms. I didn't come up with a whole lot. Sure, there are several large web sites devoted to single moms, such as singlemoms.com, but I had a heck of a time finding solid PPD info, support groups for single moms, etc. I don't know -- maybe others might have better luck.

In any case, I'll continue doing research in this area. I know well from experience how different things can be for single moms, and I can't even begin to fathom what it would be like to to be on your own with a new baby and have PPD. I hope to find some good resources to list on this blog that might be helpful to single moms out there. In the meantime, if anyone has info to share, please let me know!

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Atlanta Mom said...

I would like to hear how you prevented PPD from striking twice, but the download will not work for me. Could you please post the link again or tell me how to get it? When I click it, it tells me it is an "inactive plug-in." BTW, my blog about my ppd is http://atlantappdmom.blogspot.com/. Thanks!