December 19, 2011

Daily Hope for new moms struggling with PPD

Katherine Stone, of Postpartum Progress, will soon be providing Daily Hope. Daily Hope is an inspirational e-message that Katherine sends out daily to her subscribers. The messages are not only inspirational and thought-provoking, they're beautiful as well and contain photographic images by British photographer Xanthe Berkeley.

Starting on January 10, subscribers can receive daily hope for only $5 per month and all proceeds go to the non-profit Postpartum Progress.

Daily Hope is an easy way for moms who are suffering from postpartum depression to receive encouragement and support on a daily basis, to help them feel like they're not alone. And the proceeds benefit a very worthy cause. Katherine Stone has been a super strong PPD advocate for many years, and has done amazing work to increase awareness throughout the country. You can find her website here.


Iain said...

Hello! My name is Iain Dunn and I am doing my 8th Grade Project on PPD. I was wondering if I could interview you! :) My contact info is: -Thanks!

Kristin said...

Iain, it was such a pleasure being interviewed by you!! I wish you much success with your project and give you a big 'high five' for helping to spread awareness of such an important topic. :)