August 3, 2010

Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition Makes Big Strides in Improving the Postpartum Experience for Arizona's Families

One of my favorite non-profit organizations dedicated to postpartum wellness is the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition (APWC). The APWC is comprised of a group of amazing volunteers around the state of Arizona who focus primarily on providing education opportunities on perinatal mood disorders as well as much-needed community resources. APWC volunteers put on workshops, facilitate postpartum depression support groups, and provide a toll-free warmline.

The APWC was recently awarded a significant grant from Jenny's Light that will enable the organization to provide free educational presentations on postpartum mood disorders (in English and in Spanish) throughout Arizona, in addition to covering the cost for thousands of new brochures. This is endeavor is called "Operation Education," and the APWC is currently looking for volunteers as well as locations in Arizona to host the educational presentations.

The APWC also has a need for volunteer or low-cost web design help. If there are any web designers out there who have been touched in some way by postpartum depression and would like to volunteer their services for this truly worthwhile organization, please contact

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