January 27, 2010

Mt. Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly publishes Postpartum Depression: A Silent Epidemic

Another postpartum health advocate, blogger and professional writer, Ivy Shih Leung, teamed up with me to produce a PPD article that has just been published in the latest edition of the Mt. Holyoke College Alumnae Quarterly magazine.

We're very proud of this piece since much sweat and tears went into unearthing the many emotions that we still harbor even after all of the years that have gone by since our experiences with PPD.

My own experience with PPD so greatly shaped my foray into motherhood and still lingers with me to this day, propelling me towards advocacy and education with the hope that I can help other women avoid this life-changing disorder.

To check out the online version of our article, you can click here. I am grateful to the editorial board of the Quarterly for giving us the amount of attention and space that this issue so deserves.

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BabyShrink said...

Hi Kristin, after a peek at your blog I saw that we're both Hawaii girls! Thank you for your work on this very important subject and for mentioning my PPD podcast awhile back. Moms should know it's a free 16 minute download that doesn't market anyone or anything, just a free resource.

Much aloha,
Dr. Heather
The BabyShrink