November 23, 2009

NAMCs Circle of Caring PPD Support Groups

I came upon the National Association of Mothers' Centers (NAMC) while on Facebook and want to help spread word of the fantastic work they do in the postpartum depression realm. One of the association's main missions is to educate moms and their families about PPD while reaching out to them with support. Based in New York, NAMC collaborates with the Postpartum Resource Center of NY to provide peer-led support groups to help empower women who are experiencing PPD.

The women who lead these support groups are trained as facilitators and volunteer their time to help other women. These "Circle of Caring" groups are in two locations in New York state at this time, however NAMC hopes to expand this service to other cities around the U.S. I believe that groups like these are incredibly important and are so very needed by women who are suffering from the symptoms of PPD and need to feel that they're not alone.

To learn more about the NAMC's program or to provide support, you can contact Lisa Kaplan-Miller at or (516) 939-6667, x106.

Besides their postpartum depression outreach, NAMC provides other excellent resources for moms through their 30+ centers that are located throughout the U.S. The association works at both the grassroots and national level and is definitely worth checking out.

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