August 18, 2009

Nurse Practitioner Schools names top 50 PPD blogs, including this one!

The Nurse Practitioner Schools web site has a listing of the top 50 postpartum depression support blogs, sites and online communities that are out there on the web. It's a very comprehensive listing, including not only this blog, but also some really stellar blogs by women who have become women's health advocates after experiencing their own bout of PPD.

Of course, some of my absolute favorites are on the list, such as Dr. Shoshana Bennett's Postpartum Depression Recovery blog, Susan Dowd Stone's PerinatalPro blog and my friend Ivy's PPD blog.

It's well worth it to check out the list in its entirety. It's organized by type, so whether you're looking for a PPD blog written by a mom or one written by a professional or a blog that's geared solely for dads, you can find whatever you need here. There are some truly amazing stories of hope within these sites, as well as fantastic resources.

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