May 17, 2009

How do you reach a non-believer?

I was on a mom's web site last night and was astounded when I read a post from a woman who says she doesn't believe that postpartum depression exists.  And yet she has been suffering from various ailments for the past 3 months, including weight gain, major lethargy, headaches that don't seem to go away, sadness and frustration.  Oh, and did I mention she has a 3-month-old baby?  If she doesn't believe in PPD, then just what does she attribute all those yucky symptoms to??  She also mentioned that the women who say they have PPD are just wimps who need to get a grip and focus on their baby instead of themselves.  Nice.

So how do you reach women who don't believe in PPD??  I did post a comment in her conversation could I not?  I tried to let her know just how real PPD is, and barraged her with links to web sites such as PSI's, Susan Dowd Stone, and other PPD resources.  I also mentioned that mental disorders like PPD can be more insidious than your average disease because they are invisible.  But try to tell someone with Autism that it's not real just because you can't see it.  I hope she checked out at least one of the resources I listed.  I hope she gets help.  It's tragic to think of someone suffering from PPD when it's so easily treatable.

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