November 15, 2007

Has anyone ever tried online counseling for postpartum depression?

I've heard of more and more people trying online therapy, but I've never tried it myself. I came upon a site called Tranquil Counseling that specializes in postpartum depression counseling. And it's done online through e-mail and live one-on-one chats. That would be amazingly convenient for new moms. Imagine laying your baby down for a nap and then going into the next room for a PPD therapy session.

Tranquil Counseling is apparently located in Indianapolis, Indiana, but helps people from all over the country. I checked out the fee and it looks really reasonable compared to off-line rates; $95 for a 60-minute chat session and about half that for an e-mail exchange.

I'd be interested to hear of anyone else's experience with online counseling.


Carter-Ann said...

Very interesting resource, Kristin, thanks for posting it.

Kristin said...

Your welcome! Great hearing from you, Carter-Ann. Hope all is well.


Jennifer Baxt, LMHC, LMFT said...

I realize this is an old post, but still a new topic in my opinion. Online counseling is great for many reasons. I do online and off line counseling, beter known as face-to-face therapy, but I am fading out of the face-to-face and strickly doing online counseling. You are right, it is easy to do, no babysitters needed and enjoyable. I hope that more information can be generated about online counseling.

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Kristin said...

Thanks for your post, Jennifer! You're right -- even though this is an old post, the info is always timely. I'll definitely check out your web site.

Thanks for stopping by!