August 28, 2007

A comment from the fabulous Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress!

Katherine Stone, a fellow PPD blogger who writes the awesome Postpartum Progress blog, has commented on my last post...

"This is a good discussion. There are so many different people women can see, and each has a widely varying amount of experience treating these disorders. It is so important to ask whoever you're seeing how much experience they've had treating women with postpartum mood disorders. I actually prefer people who specialize in these disorders, even though they are few and far between. I also had a bad experience with a psychiatrist who just kept prescribing me more and more medications. It definitely prevented me from getting better, and I suffered longer than I should have."

On her blog, Postpartum Progress, Katherine has a list of links to some of the top hospitals and clinics in the United States that have specialties in and conduct research on women's perinatal mood disorders. She researched this list herself and did a great job, offering a great starting point for those who are searching for a medical professional (or a referral to one) who specializes in PPD and other postpartum mood disorders.

Yay, Katherine! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog and doing such great work to increase awareness of PPD!!!


andy112 said...

Hey mate. I would like a link exchange. My site is . If your interested get back to me , cheers.

Kristin said...

Thanks, Andy! I'll check out your site and appreciate knowing about it!!