July 7, 2007

Run or walk 5K to help spread PPD awareness!!

Get your athletic shoes on .... the 5th annual PPD 5K Run/Walk is coming up on Saturday, September 22 at Hampton Park in Charleston, South Carolina. To register, you can simply click on the link about halfway down the righthand column of this page. If you can't make it out there for the event, please consider sending a donation to this fantastic cause. The event's sponsor, the Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation for Postpartum Depression Awareness, is dedicated to provide info and support to women suffering from PPD and to serve as a resource to the medical community. To find out more about this wonderful foundation and its truly extraordinary founder, Helena Bradford, go to http://www.ppdsupport.org/.


Joie said...

Hi there!

Bumped with your blog through BlogHer. Hope you could also join a community of women here:


You can share your thoughts, and most especially, make friends to all women around the world.

See you there. :)

Kristin said...

Thanks so much for the invite, Joie! I'll check it out now!


me said...

Kristin, I felt so honored to meet you at Blogher. I really admire what you are doing here, and I was just writing a post about you and the other Moms I met at Blogher.

Anyway, about the anti-depressants issue: my family has long had a history of depression (I'm sure there is some kind of chemical imbalance inherited in there somewhere), and I found that the PPD hit me hardest when I weaned my boys. That was when I needed to, and did, start anti-depressants. Before them, like you, I would never even take a drink. With my first son, I didn't even have a drop of caffeine when I was pregnant.

Viv, http://coolmomsrule.blogspot.com

Kristin said...

Hi, Viv! It was so great meeting you too!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your great comment.

michelle said...

You're story is amazing. It's so heart wrenching to read about what you've experienced with your PPD. I'm impressed by your candor to share your story.
I'm so proud of you. It takes tremendous courage to share things like this. Women would be so much better off if they could share and know that they are safe. Women also need to feel validated. That's another huge issue. You think you're crazy and so does everyone else.

You offer peace and hope to many women ....even those who do not know yet, that they are suffering from PPD. When they find you..they're going to feel so much better. Just knowing that they're not alone...is a wonderful start on the road to their recovery.